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“NEW SERVICE CAPABILITY”… With our “Centurion Super Pro“, we are now your only choice for radio re-flashes. HD no longer offers the flashes necessary to get the most out of your factory radio. Particularly on 2014 & up HK Infotainment radios, also see us for new alarm FOB programming, ABS purge, read & clear trouble codes, program a VIN, do speedometer calibrations, adjust idle RPM, & much more!

 “PROJECTS SCOPE”… At V-Twin Audio: Audio upgrades,  from simple speaker upgrades, to full on systems with sub-woofers. LED lighting & accent lighting. Custom fairings, bags, fenders & tanks with paintwork. At V-Twin Tech: S&S crate engines, wheels, handlebars, controls, exhaust, transmission & primary upgrades, trike conversion, wide tire kits, restorations, service, repair, maintenance, tires, brakes, cables & of course wiring… that’s our area of expertise.

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